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DC Mastering

Finished your tunes? We can master them for all formats you need. We will master your tunes with the ear only a true reggae minded engineer can. Forget the cheap online services, it will never sound as if we've taken care of the mastering. We actually listen to what is needed, instead of using a predefined algorythm. We know how to make it sound good on soundsystem. Standard we deliver your masters for Vinyl, CD and Online. 
Ofcourse we take care of your masters for online using the LUFS and TP demands as stated by the online distributers. We don't take part in the Loudness War.

Delivering files for mastering
Please send your mixes in 44.1KHz, 24bit stereo in wav or aiff. NO BUSSPROCESSING!!!! unless its for the 'Glue' only.
Leave plenty of headroom. At 24bit it no problem when your files are mixed down @ -15dB.
Be aware that mastering is not fixing mix mistakes. Please keep in mind that the better your mix, the better the master.
Avoid stereo low end, excessive tops and heavy compression on the full mix. Check your tune for dynamic range. Check your files for phase issues, clipping & overcompression. We will charge additional fees if we have to conclude that the files are'nt suitable to master and you have to deliver proper files.

Please send your tracks thru wetransfer. After we've had contact you will be given a referencenumber. Don't forget to send a pdf with your labelcode and order of the tracks (A1,A2, B1 etc).

Take note of the maximum playing times for vinyl. As reggae is usually bassheavy we recommend not to go over the optimum playingtimes and preferably 45rpm.

Vinyl Playingtimes per side

FormatSpeed (RPM) Maximum in Mins Optimal in Mins
7"33 1/3 (not recommended)75
10"33 1/3149
12"33 1/32519