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DC Mixing

You've built a wicked tune with your DAW and get stuck in mixing it properly for serious release. Or you need professional mixing for your band. That's where we come in. We can mix your tune(s) so it meets the professional sounding standards. We use high quality studio gear and don't mix within a DAW. We actually bring all stems to the mixingboard as it should. Depending on how the stems sound we even can run them thru several outboard processing units such as LA610, Tla A1 and more, just to give it that sound it needs. Ofcourse you'll get the distinct DC flavor. 

When we mix your tune you'll recieve at least 5 different cuts. A straight vocal mix(if it a vocaltune) A DC vocal cut (arranged by DC), an instrumental and a least 2 dubs. Ofcourse all mastered for Vinyl, CD and Online release. So here you save on the mastering fees.

We also can mix your recorded vocal to an already finished riddim. 

Delivering stems for mixing
Please send your stems thru wetransfer in a good folder structure, filesnames that make sense and tempo information. And very important is that al stems have the right startpoint. If we have to align the stems, an additional fee will be charged.
You will be given a Referencenumber after we've had contact.

Make sure you send the stems without any processing in 44.1KHz 24bit mono wav or aiff files. We can convert higher samplerates but also an additional fee will be charged.
*If your processing or stereo files are crucial to the arrangement we need those as well.